Shortly India Will Own 100GBPS Internet Speed

Shortly India Will Own 100GBPS Internet Speed
Shortly India Will Own 100GBPS Internet Speed

India is the most mobile data consuming country in the world. With the launch of JIO Telecom network, Citizens of India started to port their default networks to JIO. This was completely due to the plans and offers offered by the network.

Now this made India stand in the top position of mobile data consumers. There is no other country which uses mobile data as compete to India. Meanwhile, The country stands in 109th position when ranked under internet speed.

Shortly India Will Own 100Gbps Internet Speed

There is no proper data service available in India right now. The 3G and 4G connections won’t worth the best. And in the case of broadband, 512KbPs was the past least service available in the country.

Now after when the government of India and TRAI changed the rule to 2mbps. Even the 2mbps plans are not so fast actually what it is meant to be. The country is facing loads of network problems right now.

Users aren’t capable to use the features of 4G completely. Telecom signals cannot reach to corners of a village. Poor signaling and trafficking are the main reasons behind this attenuations.

ISRO Launches Satellites Which Provide 100 GBPS Internet Speed

But now all these issues are about to come to an end. Yes! The internet users of India will get the best internet speed which they haven’t imagined or dreamed about. With the launch of this new satellite, The speed problems will get to an end.

The chief of ISRO Dr. K Sivan has publicly revealed that they are about to launch GSAT Satellite 11, 29 and 20. With the help of these satellites internet with speed of 100gbps will be provided to every corner of India.

This speed will be equal to all the telecom and broadband connection. Which means that you can surf the internet with more speed on your default planned wire connection. It even works on mobile networks.

Satellites are ready to launch and the authorities claim that 100GBPS of internet speed is provided everywhere constantly. But we don’t think these satellites provide constant speed. Whatever the hardware might be, Due to atmospheric conditions and other massive use fluctuations might occur.


With the launch of GSAT-19, GSAT-29 and GSAT-20 the internet rank of INDIA will raise massively from 109 positions to high. And we hope this brings a bright feature to the country. Make sure to share your personal impressions about 100gbps internet speed in INDIA.


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